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Say Goodbye To Fly's At The Dinner Table Once & For All

Are you sick of fly's hanging around the food at the dinner table or outside by the BBQ?

No more constantly keeping an eye on food and shoeing flys away. Say goodbye to bothersome flies with our chemical free Fly Fan! This compact fan is equipped with blades featuring a reflective holographic pattern that refracts light as it spins. The result? Flies are left disoriented and irritated, frantically seeking quieter areas away from you and your dinner, snacks or BBQ's. No more swatting and shooing – just uninterrupted enjoyment of your meals.

Fly Fan Repellent – Exclusive Gets

Benefits Of The Fly Fan

✔ Effective Deterrence: Blades refract light, keeping flies away from food and space.

✔ Convenient Cordless Operation: Powered by 2 AA batteries for on-the-go fly protection.

✔ Versatile in Any Setting: Works seamlessly in shade and sun for versatile outdoor use.

✔ Natural Behavior Disruption: Utilizes bending light to disrupt fly instincts effectively and naturally.

✔ Chemical Free: Create a fly-free zone for a hygienic and pleasant dining experience with out utilizing toxic chemicals. 

Homezo™ Fly Repellent Fan

Happy Customers Everywhere

Forget about being tethered to a power outlet; our Fly Fan is cordless and powered by 2 AA batteries. This means you can take it anywhere, whether you're enjoying a picnic in the park or relaxing on your patio. The fan works seamlessly in both shade and sun, providing a reliable defense against pesky flies wherever you go.

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Chemical Free Safe Approach

The secret behind the Fly Fan's effectiveness lies in its use of point refraction/bending light, a technique that capitalizes on the flies' natural instincts. Flies are genetically programmed to avoid curved colored lights, interpreting them as abnormal and potentially dangerous. With our Fly Fan, you can create a fly-free zone without using nasty bug sprays or chemicals effortlessly, ensuring a more enjoyable and hygienic environment for you and your loved ones. Invest in the Fly Fan today and reclaim your space from the annoyance of flies!

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Package Includes

1 x Fly Fan

Product Specification:

Colour: Silver
Material: ABS, PVC
Size: 240 * 80 * 80mm
Weight: 230g
Function: Fly trap
Battery Information: 2 x AA (not included)

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